Industry Maps

BoxMedia work closely with a number of Associations to develop industry specific maps for a number of UK and Irish industry sectors.

Over the last 3 years we have developed maps in the areas of Irish Meat & Dairy, Irish Pharmaceuticals, Irish MedTech, Irish Renewables, Irish Electricity, Irish Construction, UK Meat & Dairy, UK Pharmaceutical, UK Anaerobic Digestion, plus many more.

Recent Industry Maps Include:

  • Irish Healthcare Infrastructure 2015
  • Irish Mining, Minerals & Quarrying 2015
  • UK Pharmaceuticals 2015
  • Anaerobic Digestion Ireland 2015
  • Meat & Dairy Ireland 2015
  • Irish Pharmaceutical 2015
  • ICT Ireland 2015
  • UK Water Infrastructure 2015
  • Irish Beverage Map 2015

To request a hard copy of one of the above maps, or to find out our full list of industry maps contact: [email protected]


Click on the maps below to see a bigger image


Irish Healthcare Infrastructure 2015
Irish Pharma Map
Irish Pharmaceutical Map 2014
Irish BioEnergy 2015













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