European Shingo Conference 2023 Exhibitors

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In collaboration with the Irish Centre for Business Excellence, the Shingo Institute will be holding the 2023 Shingo European Conference in Dublin, Ireland, on October 11-12. This year’s conference will focus on “Connecting People and Technology” with a hands-on learning experience like no other conference.

In addition to the main symposium, delegates will have the opportunity to network with companies (Exhibitors) with a likeminded approach to Lean thinking, practice, and learning. Delegates will be given the opportunity throughout the event to hear from the exhibitors who have previously delivered practical Lean strategic breakthrough objectives and solutions to European organizations and clients.

Companies interested in exhibiting will learn how the country of Ireland has embraced the Shingo Model and used it as a driver to become the best in the world and will learn from thought leaders and practitioners from all over Europe how they are leading operational and organizational change from their part of the world.

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For delegate information and to reserve your seat please CLICK HERE.